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Anastasia Tepelidou


using our Yoga-Software

Absolutely rewarding workload reduction. Without FitogramPro I would have to invest so much time in organisation and management. Also my customers are super happy with the intuitive and simple handling.

Laura Helser

team LOA

using our Outdoor-Software

For me it is super important to easily manage my team LOA outdoor workouts and personal training sessions on a centralised platform. And to have important information, such as members, dates, courses and online-booking in view wherever I am. FitogramPro makes my everyday working life easier and the friendly and fast customer service is outstanding!

Till Ebener

Personal Trainer, Düsseldorf

using our Software for Personal Training

The software automates annoying tasks in our studio business and is a huge relief for our day-to-day work. Now we can work faster and more efficient. That’s is great!

Vilas Turske

Lalla und Vilas

using our Yoga-Software

After testing a number of american software solutions, I can confidently recommend FitogramPro to all my qualified yoga teachers!

Tobias Holzinger

Yoga 13

using our Yoga-Software

We are super happy with the software. It is easy to handle, we always have the full overview and the customers too. WE LIKE!

Stefan Macek


using our Fitness-Software

The software runs perfectly and is a huge relief for my work. The support is excellent! Keep it up!

Lilian Metzer

Yogaliebe Berlin

using our Yoga-Software

We are just super happy that we can grow together with FitogramPro and that we found the perfect partner for us!

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