Meet our team

the heart of FitogramPro

We believe: Nothing should stand between people and their passion for sports. That is what we work for.

<b>Francois </b><br /> Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Favorite sport: Outdoor

Marathon runner and our product designer. He is both the heart and the legs of Fitogram.

<b>Andreas</b><br /> CTO


Favorite sport: Volleyball

No Bug will escape Andi! He always is on the hunt for old bugs and new features.

<b>Till</b><br /> Junior Backend Developer

Junior Backend Developer

Favorite sport: Bouldering

Till has three monitors but never loses track of what he is doing. As a former e-sports professional he is used to multitasking.

<b>Anna</b><br /> Front End Development

Front End Development

Favorite sport: Yoga

Anna makes sure that our Front-End is always in great shape - just like our customer's fitness.

<b>Konstantin</b><br /> CMO


Lieblingssport: Outdoor

Konsti lived in Rome for three years. Since that he is making our Marketing strategy molto bene! Inofficial nickname: Il Professore.

<b>Gerard </b><br /> Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Swift, Javascript or C#: Gerard makes sure that our software appears in the right light.

<b>Amanda </b><br /> Customer Success

Customer Success

Favorite sport: Bouldering

No matter how far you have to think: Amanda always has a solution and leads our customers to a sustainable success! And she is addicted to chocolate. 😀

<b>Tabea </b><br /> Customer Success

Customer Success

Favorite sport: Hockey

Tabea always is in control of the situation and has her customer's goals in mind. Just like on the hockey field!

<b>Janni </b><br /> Sales


Favorite sport: Fitness

As a personal trainer, Janni knows what he is talking about. If you like, he will show you the software in greek!

<b>Tim </b><br /> Business Development

Business Development

Favorite sport: Football

Tim is on top of our business development for france - just like Paris Saint Germain is on the top of the league.

<b>Lea </b><br /> Business Development

Business Development

Favorite sport: Yoga

<b>Sophia </b><br /> Marketing


Favorite sport: Yoga

<b>Sabrina </b><br /> Office Management

Office Management

Favorite sport: Kick Boxing

She is the organisational talent that keeps our office running!

<b>Christophe </b><br /> Customer Success

Customer Success

Favorite sport: Fitness

<b>Tobias </b><br /> Head of Product

Head of Product

Favorite sport: Freeride Ski

<b>Clara </b><br /> Head of Internationalisation/Legal Counsel

Head of Internationalisation/Legal Counsel

Favorite sport: Running

Besides doing the Düsseldorf-Cologne Trip, Clara cannot spend a day without doing sport, especially running! Clara has a preference for the Kölsch beer and enjoys any kind of food!

<b>Clara </b><br /> Customer Success France

Customer Success France

Favorite sport: Dancing

French, ex dancer and always smiling: Céline loves dogs, HARIBO and travels. She lives in Germany since two years, after finishing her studies in the USA.

<b>Timothy </b><br /> Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Favorite sport: Curling

<b>Hendrik </b><br /> Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Favorite sport: Paintball

<b>Felix </b><br /> Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Favorite sport: Skateboarding

That's what we do

– always be moving

Yoga & Personal Trainer - Handbook

February 2018

We released both the Yoga Handbook and the Personal Trainer Handbook. They answer the most important questions about how to manage your business and how to deal with self-employment. A must-read!


FIBO 2018

April 2018

What a great FIBO 2018! The fourth time was a blast, as always.

FIBO 2017

April 2017

Third time at FIBO: we are presenting the merge of application and marketplace.



April 2017

The first time is always the most exciting time. We are releasing our first application for iOS and Android.

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